privacy policy / cookies

ROPALO ESTATES Limited, undertakes to protect the registered users and customers according to the following provisions of the privacy policy, as amended from time to time (the “Privacy Policy”).

The Privacy Policy intends to inform the registered users of the website (the “Website”) and customers of Rocas Experience located in Cyprus, the way that their personal information is gathered, defined and utilized (the “Information”).

The Information is regulated and protected according to the Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law of 138 (I) 2001, as amended form time to time (the “Law”). Controller, as defined by the Law, is Ropalo Estates Limited (the “Controller”) and the Information is stored on the servers of the Controller in Cyprus.

The Information either collected by the Controller or provided by the registered users and customers of Ropalo Estates Limited, the Website (accessible by computers and portable devices) or in any other way (i.e via telephone).

Registered users and customers of Ropalo Estates Limited may provide Controller with Information such as name, address, date of birth, email address, phone numbers, gender, identification number, place of birth etc which are controlled by the Controller.

The registered users and customers explicitly consent to the collection and processing of sensitive data by the Controller. The registered users and customers warrant that the Information provided by them is accurate.

The Controller should disclose the Information in accordance with the Law. The Controller undertakes not to provide and share the Information with any other organization for marketing or commercial purposes or to any other websites or third parties.

Visitors provide their Information on an individual basis by registering as registered users or subscribing to receive updates, offers and newsletters from Ropalo Estates Limited. The email of any customer communicating with Ropalo Estates Limited may be retained by the Controller. The Information provided by customers for online booking a table or ordering for a takeaway will be also controlled by the Controller.

With registered user’s and visitor’s permission, marketing information (i.e new products, offers) will be sent to them.

Information of registered user’s and customer’s relatives may be requested from time to time so as to provide them, according to their age and gender, with offers and general information.

The Privacy Policy does not apply to any other links of websites stated within the Website. The Controller does not adopt the privacy policies of the linked sites.

The transmission the Information via internet is not completely secure. Despite the fact that the Controller will try to prevent unauthorised access to the Information, cannot guarantee the security of the Information transmitted to the Website.

These Terms & Conditions agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with law of the Republic of Cyprus.


Cookies are used in the Website for the purpose of collection of information for the Website and the improvement of same.

Upon visiting the Website, a permission will be requested to store a file in a part of registered user’s and customers hard drive, specifically designated for cookies. The time spent on the Website, the pages viewed and the websites viewed just before and after visiting the Website are amongst the information that is collected through cookies.

Via Cookies we will not collect any personal information of the visitors, but only calculate the number of visitors of the Website and the most popular parts of the Website.

Also session cookies are used, which are cookies that are erased when the registered user or visitor closes the web browser. The session cookies are stored in temporary memory and are not retained after the browsers are closed. Additionally, permanent cookies are used, which are stored on registered users or visitors hard drive until they expire or until the registered users or visitors delete the cookies.

The registered users and visitors could refuse the cookies. In such case the registered users or visitors may not have access to specific parts of the Website.